Like it or not, that time of the year is coming! Pretty soon, the snow is going to be falling. And although the winter does bring skiing and hot cocoa, it also brings some treacherous road conditions. Soon you’re going to be trekking your ride through the snow, slush, and ice. But it doesn’t have to be so bad with the right set of winter tires. Many may ask, why do I need winter tires? What makes them any different than my all-seasons? Well, although this is often said by people who haven’t experience winter tires, we’re going to take a look at WHY winter tires are the better option

1) All-season tires are a compromise:

And like any compromise, it cannot offer the best and safest solution for everything, only a half-way solution. Winter tires are a whole different science than summer tires, made up of different types of rubber compounds, tread designs, and sipes. It is impossible to fully protect your vehicle for every season with one tire.

2) All-season tires are not made for low temperatures

Many people believe winter tires are only needed for snow and ice- WRONG!  All-season tires lose their grip on road when the temperature drops below 7°C. So even though there may be NO snow or ice on the ground, you are still in danger of losing grip on the road and facing a potentially dangerous situation.

3) Tread Pattern

The tread makes a huge difference on the way your vehicle grips the road. Winter tires typically feature a unidirectional tread. This means the grooves are specifically designed to sweep slush and water out of the way better than all-season tires.

 4) Sipes

Winter tires also feature more sipes (tiny slits/holes in the tread block) than all-season tires. These sipes help the tire work better on wet-pavement by providing suction to the road. The more sipes, the better control and handling.

Overall, it is best to not risk your safety, your ride’s safety, and costly repairs for all-season tires. And once you’ve experience winter tires in a Canadian winter, you will probably NEVER go back!

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