At NAPA AUTOPRO – Glenn’s Automotive & Transmission in Kelowna , our mechanics will fix any mechanical problems your vehicle experiences. Whether you’ve been in an accident and need suspension work, want a full transmission rebuild or just need tires, we’re here to help you with personalized automotive repair and transmission services with the latest computer diagnosis and 4 Wheel Alignment equipment, to get the job done right.

We now offer TERRACLEAN LIFETIME PROTECTION PLAN on top of our Napa Warranty. Call and ask for details.


  • Automatic Transmission Repair – Adjustment, Service, Rebuild
  • Standard Transmission Repair – Fluids, Clutches, Rebuild
  • Brakes – Front and Rear Brake Systems, ABS
  • Brand New 4 Wheel Alignment Machine – Front-End – Shock Absorbers, Struts, Steering Components
  • Tires – Rotate, Adjust Pressure, Balance, Replace
  • Cooling System – Hoses, Water Pump, Radiator, Flushing
  • Custom Exhaust System – Catalytic Converter, Muffler, Exhaust Pipes, Manifold and Gaskets
  • 4X4 – Transfer Case, Differential, Service, Rebuild
  • Fuel System – Filter, Pump, Injectors, Clean or Replace
  • Computer Diagnosis – Check Engine Lights, Sensors, Computer
  • Electrical System – Battery, Lights, Alternator, Wiring
  • & Much More
Glenn’s Automotive & Transmission Services